Student Services at Boston International School works to provide an inclusive experiential program that enables each student to reach his/her full educational, physical and developmental potential. The program is dedicated to the promotion and maintenance of the health and wellness of the school community.

Carlos Arboleda

Student Services Director
College Counsellor

"At Boston International School we work collaboratively to cultivate the environment and provide the support that increases student academic and developmental realities, while reducing barriers that can prevent them from achieving their highest potentialities." 




Boston International School’s college counseling program is designed to be an extension of the overall education taking place in the classroom, in the Houses, on the athletic fields, and in each venue on-campus where active learning takes place.

Summer Sheng

College Counsellor

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." 

In Secondary School, our College Counselling team has introduced a world-class university & careers guidance platform – Bridge-U.  The platform provides a range of personality assessment and career tools that help students to understand their strengths and aspirations. With the support of the platform, students find it easier to choose the schools that matches their expectations and prepare their application documents.


大学申请过程的核心是教育。出于学生广泛的兴趣、优势、关注点和家庭环境,我们帮助学生申请和注册各种各样的大学。 通过多维课程,我们旨在帮助学生理清对大学选择的思路,作出明智的选择,准备自我介绍和申请材料,并处理过程中可能出现的困难或困惑。 

College Acceptance



Boston International School is committed to nurturing the curiosities and talents of ALL students so they may grow into internationally-minded learners in a DIVERSE and INCLUSIVE community. We recognize the diverse and individual learning styles of all students. Within the SEN team we aim to provide support to all students needing academic advancement, students having difficulty accessing mainstream content and students with specific learning difficulties or medical conditions/diagnoses to ensure all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential and realize their learning goals. We value the diversity and the wealth of individual student talents and skills across the multiple intelligences our student body bring to our community and value the development of the whole child in their social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. Through assessment, review and collaborative communication with all key stakeholders our students are held at the center of all support to ensure their needs are met in accordance with their learning goals.

Rebekah Wallace

SEN/AHSC Coordinator

"At BIS we strive to support all students by getting to know them and their unique learning styles. As part of the the student services team the SEN department uses a student focused approach to build partnerships with our students and their families so every student can be successful and grow in to confident, balanced global citizens." 




At Boston International School, we provide a comprehensive, developmental, preventive guidance program that focuses on academic, career and personal/social competencies promoting holistic  development of all students. Through consultation, individual and group counseling students are empowered to reflect on and act on choices productive to their personal and interpersonal development as global citizens. We work in partnership with parents, teachers, and administrators in the best interest of each student. Our counseling and support programs advocate for students in understanding, promoting, and developing each student’s potential, gifts, skills, and intelligences.