School Houses

Boston International School celebrates four Houses: the Phoenix Housethe Dragon Housethe Qilin House and the Tianma House.

Phoenix House

The Phoenix is a long-lived bird that is reborn from ashes in a show of flames.
Members of Phoenix House are persistent, determined and never give up, even in the face of defeat. As a team they are reborn to try again and again.

Dragon House

The Dragon represents power, strength, and good luck.
Members of Dragon House are powerful and strong, with good fortune on their side and with their team in all pursuits.

Qilin House

The Qilin is a unicorn with dragon like appearance. While peaceful and gentle,  they become very fierce if a weaker person is threatened.
Members of Qilin House are calm and serene, but when their team is challenged or threatened they are warriors, defending honor and team to the end.

Tianma House

The Tianma is a winged horse with dragonesque features that has stature, stamina and prowess.
Members of Tianma House have strength, endurance, expertise, and stand together as a team under extreme and difficult challenges.The House system is a tradition originated in England which has spread around the world. The school population is divided into sub-units called "Houses" and students are allocated to a house when they enroll. Instilling healthy competition among houses, students have the opportunity to compete with one another and earn points for their house, providing opportunities for positive opportunities for the development of skills, talents and knowledge.