Highlights of the Year 2021

The year of 2021 has witnessed so many exciting moments of the school. Please follow us to review the highlights of the year! 1 Excellent Academic Results   DP results  Class of 2021 achieved fantastic results in DP exams and made the school history! 30% of DP candidates achieved 40 points. 70% of DP candidates achieved the Bilingual IB
Lucy Hwang is one of our graduates of the Class of 2021. She is currently studying at SungKyunKwan University (SKKU), a top 10 university in South Korea and a top 100 university around the world. Tell us your feelings about IB. “IB DP is the hardest and most stressful thing I have faced in my
The students’ progress in mathematics is a sequential process and a journey. At BIS, we support students with their mathematics learning journey from the beginning in Early Years through to their senior years in IB Diploma. Today, we’ve got the chance to talk with our DP mathematics teachers and students. They are going to share
The chilling breeze, the beautiful lights, the cheerful music. Songs bring to life the beauty of the holiday season. The countdown to Christmas has begun! The past week has witnessed a happy and warm atmosphere around the whole community, with all our students, staff and parents devoting themselves into the celebration. Given the current situation
Last week, we have witnessed a math lesson from Early Years. This week, we had the chance to step into another math class, this time in Grade 2, Elementary School. In our Elementary School, we implement the Singapore Mathematics based program delivered within the IB PYP inquiry-based framework, laying a solid foundation of Mathematics skills
Movember and More is an annual Boston International School student-led event to raise funds and awareness of the physical and mental health of teenagers. The male teachers will grow their mustaches and the female teachers will grow hair to get shaved or hair-color sprayed by the lucky participants who are drawn on the actual Movember day.
Mathematics is a dynamic discipline that prepares students for an ever-changing world requiring logical thinking and quantitative analysis. At Boston International School, our Mathematics programs aim to engage students and teachers in a shared, inquiry-based learning experience. Mathematics is a dynamic discipline that prepares students for an ever-changing world requiring logical thinking and quantitative analysis.
Field trips, as educational tools to connect students to classroom concepts, are widely used in IB education. Experiential learning at formal and informal field trip venues increases student interest, knowledge, and motivation. The teacher’s role in preplanning, implementation, and reflection also dictates the impact that the field trip will have on students. This article is
Ana Rivas, a BIS graduate from the class of 2021, is currently working on her BFA in performing arts with emphasis on Dance Theater at AMDA. Ana is a versatile student. When studying at BIS, she was a full DP student, a ballerina, an athlete, a student council member, and a leader of a B.E.
At Boston International School, we support every student’s growth and discovery through a dynamic learning environment. In addition to support our students to follow their curiosity and develop as learners, here, they are also able to explore their passion and fulfill their potentials through lots of activities. During the week, we held the second annual
Boston International School always takes students’ physical and mental wellbeing as its first priority. The school is committed to safeguarding, promoting, and protecting the welfare and safety of all students. Our school values include wellbeing, so we will maintain a safe, healthy, and happy learning environment. This month, all staff are required to take the annual CPR training. The

2021 BIS Halloween Celebration

When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs, and whispers, Happy Halloween.   To all the big fans of the spookiest day of the year, there was arguably no better way to celebrate than to throw an elaborate, all-out Halloween party! On October 29th, the campus got haunted after the normal