Word Wizard Program at BIS

Word Wizards is BIS’ phonics and spelling program for students in KG to Grade 5. Word Wizards is split into 2 parts: handwriting and phonics/ spelling. The first 10 minutes of the lesson is for handwriting. KG and Grade 1 focus on print and learning to correctly form letters. Grade 2 and above review print
            Dear Students and Families,   We send you joyous wishes this summer from the College Counseling Department at your wonderful Boston International School as we invite you to peruse the enclosed summer college counseling newsletter. The newsletter offers the following sections: a summer to-do list for upcoming seniors; a
Congratulations to BIS Students on Winning AP Scholar Awards! 1 AP Scholar Distinction award (the highest category) for G11 Tristan 1 AP Scholar with Honor award (the 2nd highest category) for G11 Cindy About AP Scholar Award According to College Board, the AP Program recognizes high school students who have demonstrated outstanding college-level achievement through their performance on multiple
The year of 2021-2022 has drew a perfect conclusion. Please follow us to review the highlights of the year!   Excellent Academic Results DP results  Congratulations to Class of 2022 on achieving excellent IBDP scores! Highest score – 42 Pass rate – 93% 64% participants awarded Bilingual Diploma Avg. Physics score – 6.1 Avg. Business
Congratulations to our students on their excellent IBDP and AP scores!   IB DP Highest score – 42 Pass rate – 93% 64% participants awarded Bilingual Diploma Avg. Physics score – 6.1 Avg. Business Management score – 6.3           As DP Coordinator, I was delighted when I opened the IB Diploma results for 2022. In many ways
The month of June sees graduates move to the next stage of their life journey. Some of them depart for the new city or new country to pursue college education, some of them have successfully finished a period of their learning experience and ready for the next, some of them will embrace a new start
At BIS, we value well-being, so we maintain a safe, healthy, and happy learning community. The school nurse station plays an essential part in that vision and in the practice of public health. The nurse station protects and promotes student health, bridging the gap between health care and education, providing care coordination and advocating for

Class of 2022 Graduation Ceremony

Another academic year is going to conclude, our G12 students are also going to end their journey in high school. On June 17th, we held the graduation ceremony for Class of 2022. Mastered by our DP Coordinator, Mr. Matthew Kirk, the ceremony began with a welcome speech from our Academic Principal, Mr. Brian Rotunno. Two
June 17 marked the first Global Goals Day at BIS, a day on which we celebrate all the learning we have done about the Global Goals, the progress the school has made towards achieving them, and what we as individuals and as an organization aim to do next. Students from our Elementary School and Secondary
On June 15, Mr. Li Tao, the Secretary and President of the Wuxi Municipal Federation of Overseas Returned Chinese and Mr. Wu Lixin, the President of the Wuxi Municipal Federation of Overseas Returned Chinese of Xinwu District visited BIS. The group was accompanied by BIS Chairman Mr. Chengliang Yu and Executive President Ms. Sue Su.
On the afternoon of June 8, Mr. Rongguo Cui, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Wuxi High-tech Zone, Jiangsu Province, Secretary of the Xinwu District Committee of Wuxi City led a visit group to Boston International School, along with Mr. Yang Han, Member of the Party Working Committee of the High-tech Zone, member of
June 6-10 at BIS marked the fourth year participating in our Week Without Walls program, a program through which students travel outside, have fun and most importantly, engage in community services. This year, though our destinations were limited given the COVID situation, remember our motto: Embrace Challenge, Driving Change? We even had the opportunity to