Fall 2018


Welcome to the start of a new school year!


Much of the summer has been spent preparing for the start of our first full academic year and creating a world-class international learning environment that incorporates the best of U.S. college preparatory school experiences including high academic standards, small class sizes, an emphasis upon critical thinking and technology, vibrant clubs and activities, and a commitment to educating generations of students with a global vision.

We are also continuing to leverage local educational resources and close connections with U.S. grammar schools, high schools, and colleges to better establish BIS as an innovative, globally-oriented, international school.

By using U.S. College Board, WASC, PSAT, SAT, and Advance Placement benchmarks and assessments we ensure that our program aligns with top-performing U.S. schools while adhering to a well-established, holistic, philosophy of education.
These benchmarks and assessments will enable us to establish meaningful, authentic, exchange and dual-enrollment programs with U.S. college preparatory schools--all with an eye towards preparing students to matriculate to the colleges and universities of their choice.

BIS students come with a variety of cultural perspectives that enhance the worldview of our eclectic school community. As they study away from their passport cultures, their confidence and cross-cultural understanding matures allowing them to become "global citizens," willing and able to make a lasting contribution to the world.

With state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, and a dedicated, experienced faculty, our students take full advantage of a campus located within a district in China made famous as a center for international commerce. These resources, and the growing reputation of BIS, will continue to attract students from around the world.


It will be a terrific year!


James P. Keane, MDiv, MEd, PhD

Academic Overseer