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Please send your resume to jobsboston@bostonis.org with interested position.

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As Class Manager the Class/Subject Teacher will:

  • Respect and value each child’s social, cultural and religious background and, by example, exercise mutual respect and tolerance.
  • Share in the management of pastoral care, health, welfare and behavior of all students and in particular, those within your designated class group.
  • Undertake the teaching of a class in accordance with the school’s agreed policies and guidelines.
  • Use a variety of appropriate teaching methods to ensure high quality, inquiry-based learning occurs.
  • Acknowledge and respond to each learner’s potential and provide differentiated tasks.
  • Provide planning documents identifying specific learning objectives, special needs, extension and assessment, to the Academic Principal or other authorized officer (Curriculum Coordinator).
  • Keep their own Unit of Inquiry (UOI) or Subject planners and add to them as an ongoing task to Managebac, and for collection, if required, collation by Curriculum Coordinator.
  • Maintain professional dialogue with colleagues concerning the students, other colleagues and the school.  Treat all information with confidentiality.
  • Ensure the provision of equal opportunities for all.
  • Encourage students to take pride in their own environment and show respect and concern for others, to the benefit of the school as a caring community.
  • Be responsible for all aspects of classroom management; eg. care of equipment with resources well-labelled and accessible.  Maintain a tidy, well-organized room.
  • Create a stimulating and engaging learning environment based on creating resilient learners and promoting independent learning.
  • Collaborate with Academic Principal and Curriculum coordinators (or delegate) and staff in establishing and developing effective student assessment procedures, documentation and portfolios.  Observe students’ learning and keep appropriate records of achievement for each student in class. Provide reports as necessary.
  • Create authentic partnerships with families and the school community by building positive links between yourself and parents of students in your care.
  • Guide, motivate and monitor classroom helpers in carrying out their tasks.
  • Provide pedagogical and other support for Assistant Teachers, if applicable.

 As a team member the Class/Subject Teacher will:

  • Collaborate with staff to plan, implement and evaluate. Continuously identify ways to and act to improve school systems and practices.
  • Offer and receive advice and guidance on issues which affect the whole school’s performance and ethos.
  • Take corporate responsibility for displays throughout the school.
  • Share management and delivery of assemblies.
  • Share your expertise.
  • Participate in appraisal procedures and in-service training that provide personal, professional and career development as well as add intrinsically to the school’s development.
  • Actively attend all team and staff meetings as called and appointed, regularly and from time to time.

As a professional educator the Class Teacher will:

  • Be familiar with and be guided by the school’s and IB’s documentation and policies.
  • Use the IB’s MyIB and other resources for professional development.
  • Share the school’s multi-cultural diversity and participate in activities designed to promote intercultural understanding and respect.
  • Teachers should not discuss with parents changing a child’s class placement or possible retention in a class for a further year, without prior consultation with the Principal. If necessary parents’ requests about such matters should be directed to the Principal in writing.
  • Respect and act in accordance with the fact that our school is a smoking-free environment.
  • Adhere to and respect the professional dress code as recorded in the Staff Handbook. 

工作职责 Responsibilities

  • 进行市场调研与分析,研究同行、业界发展状况,定期进行市场预测及情报分析,为学校决策提供依据;Conduct market research and analysis, study the development status of peers and the industry, and conduct regular market forecasts and intelligence analysis to provide a basis for school decision-making;
  • 负责进行学校市场战略规划,制定学校的市场总体工作计划,提出市场推广、活动等方面的具体方向和实施方案;包括管理以及进度的推进,建立学校的市场运作体; Responsible for the school marketing strategic planning, formulating the school’s overall marketing plan, proposing specific directions and implementation plans for marketing promotion, activities, etc.; including management and progress advancement, and establishing the school’s market operation system;
  • 负责开拓市场业务,增加各类市场渠道;Responsible for developing market business and increasing various market channels;
  • 负责校区周边市场的招生宣传、线下推广方案,并监督执行;Responsible for the enrollment promotion and offline promotion plan in the surrounding market of the campus, and supervise the implementation;
  • 建立完善市场部工作流程以及制度规范;Establish and improve the marketing department's work process and system specifications;
  • 管理市场团队,并对团队成员和相关部门进行市场培训和指导。Manage the marketing team, and provide marketing training and guidance to team members and related departments.
  • 编写并发表学校演示文稿,确保所有传播媒介内容的质量和一致性Compile and publish school presentations to ensure the quality and consistency of all media content
  • 设计和开发市场宣传材料和品牌推广材料,包括与出版社的协调和提供创新性的建议Design and develop marketing materials and brand promotion materials, including coordination with publishers and providing innovative suggestions
  • 管理各种市场宣传材料的生产,包括宣传册、传单、校报、录像带、品牌商品等,并安排材料的有效分发。Manage the production of various marketing materials, including brochures, leaflets, school newspapers, video tapes, brand products, etc., and arrange the effective distribution of materials.
  • 管理网站和数字媒体的内容,确保其动态相关性; 制定策略以增加访客并提高转化率 Manage the content of websites and digital media to ensure their dynamic relevance; develop strategies to increase visitors and increase conversion rates
  • 协助策划、实施和推广市场活动如大型会议、学校开放日、营销活动、征集会议代表和活动赞助等。Assist in the planning, implementation and promotion of marketing activities such as large conferences, school open days, marketing activities, soliciting conference representatives and event sponsor-ships.
  • 完成领导交办的其他事项。Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.


职位要求 Requirements

  • 学士或以上学位,中英文流利 Bachelor degree or above, fluent in both Chinese and English
  • 具备在中等规模国际学校或教育机构中,五年以上的招生经验Have more than five years of admissions experience in a medium-sized international school or educational institution
  • 熟悉线上线下推广方式,熟练运营和管理微信和微博等网络社交媒体Familiar with online and offline promotion methods, skilled in operating and managing online social media such as WeChat and Weibo
  • 具有新学校招生经验者优先考虑Those who have new school admissions experience are preferred
  • 较强的管理能力,能够在压力下工作,并能根据计划快速反映 Strong management ability, able to work under pressure, and able to quickly reflect according to the plan
  • 能够同时有条不紊处理多项工作Able to handle multiple tasks in an orderly manner at the same time
  • 较强的责任感,关注细节,积极主动 Strong sense of responsibility, detail-oriented and proactive.

Boston International Pre-School Opening Positions

Please send your resume to BIPSjobs@bostonis.org with interested position. We will contact the appropriate candidate.

Invested by the same group, Boston International Pre-school (BIPS) is the sister school of Boston International School (BIS). It aims to provide high-quality international education to children aged 2-6. Boston International Pre-school owns a construction area of 15,000 square meters and an outdoor area of 6,200 square meters. It has a capacity of 28 classes and over 12 multifunctional classrooms. Locating right next to the Changguangxi National Wetland Park making it the first ‘Forest Kindergarten’ in Wuxi. We pay attention to cultivating children’s learner characteristics. Based on IB educational theories and inspired by the Italian Reggio education system, we introduce local culture and consolidate the best teaching practices in China and abroad to create our unique exploratory curriculum that integrates IB and Reggio education. The abundant IB resources from BIS guarantee the quality of IB curriculum implementation at BIPS and the continuous professional development for BIPS teachers.


  • 了解幼儿的发展历史,并能够通过平时对幼儿的观察设立课程。记录幼儿成长经历,填写家园联系手册;
  • 负责带领本班教室共同制定、贯彻班组工作计划和做好期末总结工作;
  • 负责协调班级管理,团结一致,做好本班工作;
  • 定期召开班会,与本班其他老师积极交流班上情况,沟通思想,研究工作,遇到问题协商解决;
  • 负责有计划的组织幼儿一日生活,发挥常规教育功能,培养其良好的行为习惯和各种能力;
  • 负责本班幼儿安全工作,定期检查班级各项工作及环境,及时消除隐患,避免发生安全问题;
  • 负责卫生保健制度的实施,使每学期卫生保健指标达标;
  • 负责班级家长工作,定期召开家长会,采取各种方式加强与家长之间的信息传递,指导家长科学育儿;
  • 负责班内固定资产及低值易耗品的保管,期末进行盘点,物品损坏及时登记汇报,检查勤俭节约。


  • 三年及以上主班工作经验;学前教育专业毕业;有教师上岗资格证书;
  • 普通话二级甲等证书,英文可做日常交流;
  • 掌握幼儿心理学、教育学、卫生学等专业理论及幼儿园各科教学法,有较强的文字表达能力及与人沟通能力,具备弹、唱、跳、画、写等基本技能;
  • 热爱幼教事业,喜欢孩子,具有团队合作精神和认真负责的工作态度;
  • 形象气质良好。



  • 全英文教授2岁至6岁儿童;
  • 按照学校要求做好班级管理工作及教具制作、教室布置等工作;
  • 根据安排完成校内教学并适时根据需要与班级学生家长进行交流。


  • 本科或以上学历,英语专业或者学前教育或者幼教相关专业优先;
  • 学英语六级或以上,有一定的听说读写能力,可与外籍教师交流;
  • 热爱教育行业,性格开朗、活泼,善于与小朋友沟通交流;
  • 有幼儿英语教学经验者,幼教资格证者优先;
  • 工作主动认真努力,有强烈的责任感。