English Language Learner Program



Boston International School delivers an intensive English as a Language Learner (ELL) program by highly qualified and experienced specialist teachers. BIS ELL fully supports the English language development of the students whose first language is not English and who are identified based on our standardized assessments throughout a year.

The heart of the Boston ELL program is to prepare students as proficiently as possible to join the mainstream programs. The objective is not only to be successful in academics but also to gain experience in social settings and have social communication with their peers and teachers. We focus on developing English language skills regardless of the activity or subject being taught. As a result, students will acquire the skills needed to become linguistically confident in English in and outside of the classroom, whether they are on the sports field, on the stage, or in the playground.

Dr. Youngmin An

ELL Coordinator

"Learning a language is a work in progress. You have to appreciate the process and have fun with it." 

The curriculum for both primary and secondary is based upon the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and uses teacher resources to align with TEKS strands. Also, The Duration and intensity of the support vary according to the individual student.  



Across the primary grades, the ELL program focuses on a few aspects:

  • Phonics instruction is provided for ELL students to decode letters into their respective sounds, which is vital for developing reading skills.
  • ELL students receive focused instruction in their reading and writing by participating in a wide range of authentic activities using 'acquired language.'
  • The primary ELL program has two tiers, INTENSIVE and INTERMEDIATE, and the students receive appropriate but differentiated support according to an individual student's need.



Our secondary ELL programs provide intensive instruction in English.

  • The students identified as ELL based on their English language proficiency from standard assessment (MAP). 
  • Three English lessons a day are provided to develop English Language proficiency in Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing along with Grammar and vocabulary instruction. 
  • The focus is to accelerate language acquisition to join mainstream classes quickly.