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Design Teacher

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PYP Madarin Supervisor

Panya Dai

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Canna Wu

Mandarin Teacher

Rob Stewart校长加入波士顿国际学校(简称BIS)担任执行校长之前,曾在位于中国北京的青苗国际教育集团任首席执行官、伊顿教育集团(新加坡)任教育执行总监及伊顿教育集团中国区的总校长。在来中国之前,他在西澳大利亚教育部任职长达25年。在Rob超过26年的管理岗位工作经验中,其中有21年是在澳大利亚和世界各国的多所学校担任学校校长。Rob 带来了丰富的与校长及老师共事的经验,帮助他们成长为高效率称职的教育工作者,使他们能设计和传授高质量的教学课程。


Rob的协作及变革型的领导风格将确保BIS能有着清晰的发展目标与方向,他深信每个孩子都能成功,每个孩子都应该有机会融入到这个全球社会并为其做出自己的贡献。他的目标是把BIS 发展成为最强大、最成功、利于学生成长的国际学校。学生在这里感觉安全快乐且渴望学习与成功;老师关心学生且极力施展自己的教学才华;家长以孩子在BIS上学为荣,家长也成为学校团体的一员以指引他们的孩子实现自己伟大的梦想。

Prior to joining Boston International School (BIS) as the Executive Principal, Rob Stewart was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Beanstalk International Education Group (BIEG) based in Beijing, China. Rob also served as the Executive Director of Educational Services for the EtonHouse International Schools Education Group (Singapore) and the Executive Principal for EtonHouse China.


Prior to his time in China, Rob served 25 years with the Western Australian Department of Education. Rob has over 26 years of experience in leadership positions with over 21 years as the Head of School for several schools in Australia and Internationally. Rob brings a wealth of experience working with Principals and teachers and developing them into effective and competent educators who design and deliver teaching and learning programs of the highest quality.


Rob has a collaborative and transformational leadership style that will ensure BIS has a clear vision and direction, a strong belief that every child can succeed and deserves every opportunity to contribute and participate in a globally minded society. His vision for BIS is to grow the school into the strongest, most nurturing and successful school where students feel safe, happy and yearn to learn and succeed, where teachers care for their students and strive to develop their repertoire of teaching practices and parents are proud to say their child attends BIS and they are empowered to be part of the team that guides their child to fulfil their greatest ambitions.