Our Early Years Centre is a place where children can be inspired in a friendly, world-class environment, where strong foundations for learning are created in ways which are always full of fun. 

We follow the IBPYP Program with a ‘play-based' approach to learning. We put a strong emphasis on children's care and concern for themselves and for othersand on a respect for cultural diversity. Our curriculum also draws on the principles of Reggio Emilia philosophy which believes that all children have an interest in constructing their own knowledge and that they interact with everything the environment brings to them. 

Our Program

The program places an emphasis on creative, social, emotional and physical development. To ensure that our children enjoy the experience of learning, our teachers provide a continual opportunity for active exploration through guided and purposeful play. 

Our children are provided with learning experiences that aim to develop and increase their ability to communicate and cooperate with others effectively, while becoming more self-aware, responsible, and independent. It is during this time that children also develop phonic awareness and basic pre-reading skills. Children can explore the foundations of mathematics and are given the opportunity to exercise their curiosity through interactive science activities. Children are challenged academically and learn through fun games, songs, and active child-based experiences. 

What does the Reggio-inspired environment look like in the Early Years?

Our learning spaces are beautiful. In the Reggio Emilia tradition, the environment is filled with stunning materials, light tables, books, and furniture. Each classroom also has a mini-atelier (art studio). The Early Years environment has been specifically designed to meet the development needs of children aged 18 months to 5 years and to stimulate rapid learning and brain growth. 

Children in our Early Years program have access to the amazing facilities of our EY Centre, including our piazza (an open public space used for community gatherings), light studio, library, Atelier, performing arts studio, indoor gym, separate EY dining room and the Early Years playground. 

Language Development

In the Early Years, we highlight the importance of mother tongue development while keeping English as our teaching language. Children start taking their mother tongue class from EY3.

We provide children with opportunities to learn different ways they can communicate their thoughts and needs.

Boston Explorer Program

The BE Program exists to further support and encourage the development of socialization, interests and extending the daily experience. The BE Program provides our children opportunities to explore the curriculum beyond the classroom.  


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